Monday, March 18, 2013

New Listing Category!

We have just added a new category to our 'Submit Here' page.  You can now submit to:
Non-Fiction --> Recipe/Cookbooks.

We've decided to split out this category to make it easier for those looking specifically for Recipe Books and Cookbooks.

If you have a recipe/cookbook that you have previously had listed at eBookLister (or one already scheduled for the future), please use our Contact page to let us know the ASIN and Title of the book.  Let us know that you'd like to move your listing into this new category and we'll be happy to help out.

Week of 2013.03.18 - Plans for eBookLister

We have some great updates planned for the eBookLister Service for this week.  In an effort to provide our visitors the best books we can offer, we are working on several updates and enhancements.  Here is a general list of some of the things we are working on this week:

Update RSS Feed / Daily Email Format  
  • We are still running on an outdated RSS Feed generator, which feeds our daily email.
  • We'll cut the feed down to the highest quality listings.
  • Each email will provide the Daily Focus book, some bargain books, and some free books.

Payment Options for Listing Promotion
  • With the addition of promotional opportunities for listings, we are working on adding payment methods and options.
  • Promoting your listing is inexpensive and effective to get your listing in front of the largest number of readers.

Backend System Updates
  • Maintenance of free vs bargain listings
  • Maintenance of Paid (promoted) vs free submittals
  • Better listing approval processing

It's a big list and we are working hard to continue the development of our eBookLister Service.  We welcome your comments and questions.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Changes with Free vs Bargain books

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the Free vs Bargain listings Setup.

First, Please note the new submission options.  You are required to choose between 'Free' and 'Bargain'.  A Bargain book is defined as anything less than $2.99 and meets our other submission requirements.

With this change comes the freedom for authors to submit their book as free or bargain.  This new submission option does not change the requirement of waiting between submissions.  We currently require at least 30 days between listing days.

Keep your eye on our blog for lots more great changes and improvements coming with the eBookLister Service.