Friday, September 19, 2014

Upcoming Listing Changes at

Due to the exciting increase in traffic and popularity of our free eBookLister Service, we are planning on making some changes to how we provide for our visitors.  Please take note of these changes as they will likely affect authors who are submitting their books for consideration of web & email listings, as well as affect readers who are looking for the best books, at the best prices.

Please note, in the next few weeks:
  • We will begin including only a limited number of listings displayed on our website, the exact number to be determined as needed.  The web-posted listings will be selected through both editor choice and value based on our proprietary formula.  Obviously, the better the ratings and number of reviews, the more likely the listing will be included on our website.
  • Daily emails will be limited to EBL accepted Paid Promotions and editor selected listings each day.  Some categories may not have listings included each day.
  • Submission requirements will become a little stricter to give higher priority to the better 'valued' and editor selected listings.
The purpose of these coming changes are two-fold.
  1. We want to provide the best listings to our readers.  In the end, it doesn't matter how many books are written, but rather - how many books are being read, and the quality of those books.  Some of these changes will have the affect of increasing the value of the listings we display to give our readers the 'best' books to read.
  2. Improve value for Authors choosing to promote through the eBookLister Service.  Some of these changes will provide better value for the advertising opportunity on our website, and through our Daily Email. 

We are excited for the growth that we see and enjoy reading about the success stories of the authors who choose to advertise through our free service.

As we continue to develop and provide an effective service to both authors and readers, we appreciate all the promotion that our visitors provide to help us grow.  Share us!  When more people know, more people benefit!

 - Johnathan