Thursday, June 25, 2015

Market Research Changes

eBookLister Updates!

The eBookLister Service is always tracking and trending information to enhance it's service to authors and readers.  Our goal is to provide both authors and readers great opportunities to connect.

eBookLister has been providing these great services for over 3 years and during that timeframe, we have identified some needed changes in our systems and processes.

The biggest point we have noted is that the majority of our activity comes through the fantastic free and bargain listings we send out in our daily email.  While we still get great visitor activity on our website, facebook page, and even our twitter account, most of our visitors take advantage of having these eBooks delivered straight to their inbox.

Taking note of this great information creates a need to adjust some of the way our services work, in an effort to provide an even greater value to authors and readers alike.

With that, we now announce our updated services.

  • First - (not a change): It's always free for readers to visit our website, facebook page, twitter account, and sign up to our mailing list.  Emails will be going out every day with the best of the best of the submittals.
  • Second - (not a change): It's still free to submit a listing to eBookLister; a free priced listing or a bargain priced listing.  Submittals must meet our submission guidelines.  We will continue to list the top 30-40 best value submittals on our website.  These will be listed after the editorial selected listings. Approved listings that don't fall in the top 30-40 will not be promoted.
  • Third, Paid Promotions will now only be available for a single day within a 60 day period (instead of up to 4 days). These Paid Promotions guarantee your listing will be included in our daily email on the day scheduled, as well as be included on our website.
  • Fourth, the 'Daily Focus eBook' promotion is changing to a 'Web Promo'.  Any Paid Promotion is eligible to take advantage of our Web Promo (when available) where we'll not only include the listing in our Daily Email, but we'll also post the listing to Facebook, Twitter, and display it prominently on our website, as well as other coming web promotional opportunities.  This promo is available to any listing once in a 60 day period.

The second point we have noticed is that many readers are looking for ebooks on more platforms than just the Amazon Kindle.  While we have always planned on moving into providing Nook Books as well as ebooks on other platforms, this gathered information moves that development up higher on our 'to-do' priority list.

We have set ourselves an internal goal to soon provide authors the opportunity to provide links to their eBooks on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo.  We're also working to allow authors to link to the print version of their books as well.

With these coming changes, we are excited for the new and better opportunities for both authors and readers.

Are there changes you'd like to see in our service?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Let us know by using the Contact form on our Website.