Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Submission Guidelines Review

Here at the eBookLister Service, we want nothing more than to help authors get their names and books out to the public, and to help people find great free and bargain books.  But we have to follow rules, as do our submitting authors. 
Today, I'd like to address our submission guidelines, as a review for ALL authors and submitters, but specifically, direct my comments towards the non-fiction authors regarding rules.  While we love to promote non-fiction books, they must fall under slightly stricter submission guidelines due to the far-greater volume of submissions.  Non-Fiction books fall under the same submission guidelines as all other submissions with a few notes.  I am pulling this information from our 'About Us' page (
Rule #4 -
  • Please allow at least 24 hours to get your book listed on EBL.  
This rule #4 is even more important for Non-Fiction books because of the volume of 'DayOf' Non-Fiction submissions that occur.  Please plan ahead and give us a chance to give your listing a fair review before the promotion begins.
Rule #7 -
  • We require all listings to have at least a star rating of 3.5 or higher.  The exception to this rule is if your book has no reviews or if the book is Non-Fiction.  ... Non-Fiction books MUST have at least 5 reviews to be eligible.
Non-Fiction submissions that do not have at least 5 stars on the day they are submitted will be declined without further review.  Please ensure your listing has at least 5 reviews (this number is subject to change), on the day you submit to the eBookLister Service
Rule #10 -
  • Do NOT put pricing information in your description.
No pricing information.  None.  Not "free today", not "limited time bargain promotion", not "get this free on kindle unlimited".  Nothing like that.  The description is the description - describe the book - not the author, not the promotion, not the pricing, not anything other than the description of the book.
Rule #12 -
  • Do NOT put an 'About The Author' section into the description.
Author's can link to their profiles in the Author URL field.  An 'About the Author' section anywhere else will cause the listing to be declined.

Rule #13 -
  • Keep the Title field to just the Title. Keep it short and concise.
Long titles are the fastest way to decline.  This is a horrible title: "Weight Control: How to lose all of the extra pounds you've put on over the last few years, maintain your current goal weight (in connection with your gender and age), and how to maintain a true control of your weight by making smart decisions in eating, activities, and even friends; this shareable, effective, and great methodology is your ticket to maintaining and controlling your weight to give you more confidence, energy, friends and even the love everyone needs to have an enjoyable, fullfilling, and interesting life. By Best-Selling Author and Doctor Jane A Anserden, MD, CEO of Weight Loss and Control Management LLC (WLCM), in Shermin Colorado."

 For Real!  BAD!  Keep your titles short and concise please. 

These notes apply to both Non-Fiction and Fiction alike, but the eBookLister Service has found Non-Fiction submitters break the rules more often.

In summary:  Please - read the rules and Follow them!  We WANT to help you - we WANT you to be successful.  Follow our submission guidelines and we'll be far more likely to do this.